On yesterday’s Webinar Wednesday we had the pleasure of hearing from the Queen Mother of Hemp Joy Beckerman.  Joy has been at this hemp game for over 30 years and is a tireless advocate.  She’s been on every board and group imaginable and runs a successful consulting and expert witness business at http://www.hempace.com/   Her podcast, Hemp Barons, is a “must-subscribe to” if you want to stay up on all things hemp.

We had a full discussion on industrial hemp’s usage for grain, non-CBD oil and fiber including the challenges to more US production.  And we had the same conclusion: blend it.  While we may love the world to use 100% hemp-derived products the reality it isn’t going to happen any time soon.  What IS happening now is blending hemp with cotton-based textiles, with wood pellets for heating, with building materials…..and the beat goes on.

It’s always good to have industry leaders confirm we are headed in the right direction for the co-op.  And when Joy says “Blend It!” we plan on following her lead.