The National Hemp Growers Cooperative is in its “pre-launch” stage of becoming a board-driven organization. We have common stockholders (who are voting members) and preferred stock holders and have created a unique business model. Until we have a duly constituted Board of Directors, we have implemented an Advisory Board to help guide us and to ensure we have diverse voices giving us wise counsel. If you would like to receive more information on our structure please email our National Membership Coordinator Max Howell at m.howell@nationalhempcoop.us

Advisory Board

Marlon Anderson
Prattville, Alabama – Marlon is a co-op member and spent several years playing Major League Baseball and is opening a line of CBD products as well as growing fiber.

Joy Beckerman
Seattle, Washington – Joy is an undisputed hemp industry icon with tons of experience, counsel and insight.

Brian Bolyer
Cushatta, Louisiana – Brian is the owner of Okhish Mounds and is a co-op member. He is also coordinating all our seed sales in the southeastern US.

Jeanette Litschewski
San Diego, California – Jeanette is the business development manager for the food division at the British Standards Institute.

Freddie Rowell
Brandon, Mississippi – Freddie is a commercial banker by day and a farmer by the other hours in the day. Freddie is a co-op member.

Sherica Smith
Greensburg, Louisiana – Sherica, also a co-op member, owns Smith IT Communication Company. You may have seen Sherica’s starring role video on the NHGC website.

The NHGC Management Team

Nick Walters, Managing Partner

Max Howell, National Membership Coordinator

Russell Laird, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships

TBD, Vice-President of Minority Recruitment

Dr. David Cornett, Chief Agronomist

Larry Tyler, Chief Financial Officer

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