Roger Ford

Roger brings to the National Hemp Growers Co-Operative vast experience in legislative and regulatory policy with a particular emphasis on the benefits of biofuels and energy. He previously served as President of Patriot Bioenergy Corporation which focused on hemp research and development for energy and manufactured products, including fuel products such as bio-coal and fiber-based products. Patriot Bioenergy was the first corporate permit-holder in Southeastern Kentucky to both process and to grow hemp.

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Nick Walters

Nick has spent time in economic development and public policy. He was appointed by President George W. Bush as the State Director of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Office of Rural Development in Mississippi. While State Director, Nick received special recognition for his role in the rebuild of his home state after Hurricane Katrina.

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Larry Tyler

Through a project in elementary school, I discovered I had financial leadership abilities leading to a calling for a life-long career partnering with business owners and being a business advocate to help wear the “financial hat” in their businesses. An “aha” moment in my career occurred at the age of 22, as a first-year business loan officer.

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Max Howell

Max Howell is a 25-year veteran and pioneer of regional sports talk radio and TV. Max pioneered the medium of southern sports radio and was host of the South’s largest radio syndication programming. A founding personality of CONFERENCE CALL and SOUTHERN SPORTS TONIGHT, Max is widely regarded as one of the premier evaluators of sports talent in the South and is a frequent contributor and analyst for major football publications and sports talk shows throughout the country.

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Dr. J. David Cornett

Dr. J. David Cornett is the co-op’s agronomist. He will be assisting our grower-members in a variety of ways; among these will be education and support for new hemp producers, defining the best genetics to plant in different geographical areas, and matching genetics to the specific type of harvest desired. David will also work with the co-op‘s end user customers to ensure the right varieties of hemp are grown to match the needs of our value-added processes, develop collaborations, and oversee research to explore new opportunities for the co-op.

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