Depending how you use the words “cool” or “hot” (other than temperature settings) we suspect one of them will fit the description of Hempitecture’s HempWool insulation.  On our Webinar Wednesday last week, Hempitecture’s founder and CEO Mattie Mead told us HempWool was born as a practical product while the world waits for full integration of hempcrete systems to achieve international building system code approval.  HempWool has the R Factors you’ll need depending on your temperate zone and even has an online calculator to determine how much of it you’ll need for installation.

As they say “gone is the day of the pink sticky stuff”.  Here is yet another fully sustainable building product using industrial hemp that we can get excited about.  We love the sustainability, we love the American made ingenuity and we love markets for our grower-members.   Very cool and very hot.