When Will Whatley asked if he could do a screen share, we had no idea what a wise decision that would be.

Will, one of the founders of Hempliance, led his team as our guests for our Webinar Wednesday this week. Hempliance is a blockchain compliance software system that puts agronomy and compliance in the palm of your hand.

Want to show your state regulatory agency that your crop isn’t growing hot? They can integrate your COA with the click of a button.

Want to see a 3D image of where your hemp is grown so you can see where water is running or where sunshine is lacking? Just another click of another button.

Weather conditions over the last few days or weeks? Yep. Wind? Yep. Average rainfall? You got it.

Want to track your crop from the field to the processor (like watching an Uber driver come pick you up)? Of course – and all from your iPad or mobile device.

We have partnered with Hempliance to use their technology for our current seed trials we are conducting. By simply taking pictures of the crop, our member-growers in Louisiana are able to send that information to our agronomist Dr. David Cornett in Denver, who can opine on some next steps or give his excellent counsel. This is a LONG way from “Mary, how does your garden grow.”

Finding strategic partners like Hempliance is why the co-op exists and we can’t wait to see what else develops.