Larry Tyler

Through a project in elementary school, I discovered I had financial leadership abilities leading to a calling for a life-long career partnering with business owners and being a business advocate to help wear the “financial hat” in their businesses. An “aha” moment in my career occurred at the age of 22, as a first-year business loan officer. I assisted a well-established business owner and customer solving his problem by really digging into his business to learn and understand him and his business. Comments by the business owner helped me realize that this method of operating was the real way to connect with and serve business owners in my field.
Over the balance of my career seeking to understand first and helping business owners understand and interpret their cash flow became my trademark.

In my career assisting business owners, I really enjoy and have a lot of fun being a part of their success. I’ve learned, via my experiences, that we are designed to connect and work with others in relationship. Each individual walking in their unique, one of a kind gifting can complement and help others in the eco-system they find themselves.

Vision – To support, encourage, guide and engage entrepreneurs to build up the economic engines of their businesses through simple, practical, easy to use tools enabling them to understand and interpret their cash flow and numbers, so that the accounting function becomes a strategic asset resulting in a healthy business with operational effectiveness and profitability increased and freedom being experienced.

An important quote I believe in is: “A small business can survive for a while without making a profit, but if its cash flow dries up, the impact is fatal.” – Theo Paphites


  • Help business owners understand and interpret their cash flow by being The Cash Flow Whisperer
  • Assist business owners in achieving business goals by maximizing cash flow from operations by implementing a cash flow management system in the business
  • Help wear the financial hat for the business owner and business
  • Provide feedback for the owner via key performance indicators allowing for adaptation and change as needed
  • Survival expert for business owners entering the jungles of borrowing money
  • Focus the owner and business on its vision/purpose/WHY to maximize results
  • Help business owners “Cash In” on their relationships with capital providers by “romancing” the relationship
  • Encourage, educate, equip and engage business owners to learn and apply Kingdom economic principles in their businesses

Author: “Hidden Messages in Cash Flow – What Your Cash Flow Might Say If It Could Speak”; “Eliminating Debt God’s Way”; “Cash Flow and Profitability Tools Bible”; “Romancing the Loan – 14 Principles for Opening Your Lender’s Vault”

BA and MBA in Business Administration – Presbyterian College and LeTourneau University

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