Two of the National Hemp Growers Co-Op founding members, Roger Ford and Nick Walters, each took their respective podiums at NoCo last week. NoCo, the premier hemp industry trade show in the United States, brings together many different hemp advocates primarily because the hemp plant has so many uses.

Winding your way through the labyrinth of the expo with its vendors and industry experts was no task for the light-hearted. It seems you could find a group to decorticate your hemp or to snack on a hemp-seed product or maybe even do an alignment on your car or straighten your teeth. Like we said, hemp is super-diverse.

One of our favorite groups was the US Hemp Building Association – affectionally referred to as “ush-bah”. The founders had an opportunity for some up-close-and-personal with USHBA’s founder Eric McKee. A former Marine from Pennsylvania, Eric was sustainability before sustainability was cool (to high jack a Barbara Mandrel tune).

USHBA sees the value of hemp fiber which is one of the reasons we can easily line up with their vision. While they can speak to many, many uses of hemp fiber we like hempcrete. We would not do hempcrete justice by trying to explain all it can do and suggest this article that explains more. A simple explanation is its hemp hurds and lime all mixed together to form some serious sustainable insulation.

We are lining up a future session of our Webinar Wednesday with founder Eric McKee to get inside the vision and impact USHBA is making so stay tuned.