Good morning from Denver and the 7th NoCo Hemp Expo. To say this is a “conference” is a serious misnomer. This thing is an experience, and it hasn’t really started.

Yesterday was the Investor’s Forum and while most of the focus was on CBD, there was plenty of interest in fiber and grain/food. It was good to hear how investing groups calculate the risk they take when they are evaluating a company’s proposal. We are encouraged with the relationships we are establishing and the continual opportunities to tell the story of the co-op.

Two of our founding partners, Roger Ford and Nick Walters, are each speaking at different times over the next two days. Roger’s sole presentation on hemp for bio-energy at today’s Business Conference is already getting attention. While the conversations on delta-8 and FDA regulation and hempcrete can be found aplenty, virtually no-one knows anything about how to get involved in sustainable fuels. Lucky for them they get to hear from Roger.

Tomorrow Nick will be a part of a panel discussion at the Farm Symposium on farmer networks and co-operatives. They will explore different models of how farmers are able to work together.

The NoCo Hemp Expo (which for those of us newbies NoCo is an acronym for NOrthern COlorado), is the premier hemp expo in the world. It is the brainchild of Elizzy Knight and Morris Beegle.

Morris has been a big supporter of NHGC and is using his deep credibility in the hemp industry to connect us to the real players. Like many of us, Morris isn’t a farmer or come from an ag background. He was a music promoter who put on concerts and events so when we say NoCo rocks – we mean it literally and otherwise.

We expect a full day of socially distant fist pumps as we spread the word on the co-op. Stay tuned for the harvest we are planting.