Several members of our Advisory Board, along with some our leadership team, attended the 8th NoCo Hemp Expo in Denver last week.   By all accounts this was the best NoCo to date because the breakout sessions and the vendors at the Trade Show were hyper-focused on the many, many uses of the entire hemp plant and not only the benefits of CBD.  Hemp plastics, biofuels, paper, building materials, processing, harvesting, etc. were the things talked about at the meeting over and over again.  We look forward to attending NoCo’s sister show the Southern Hemp Expo in Nashville, TN later this fall to keep the mojo rocking.  (This is a picture of Advisory Board members Joy Beckerman and Jeanette Litschewski in the front and Managing Partner Nick Walters, Advisory Board members Brian Bolyer and Marlon Anderson, and Chief Agronomist Dr. David Cornett rounding out the back)