Great news!  The hard work we’ve been doing has paid off with our partnership with Eureka Energy and Circular SynTech for a large renewable project in Missouri.  See below the full press release from Eureka Energy:

Eureka Energy & Circular Syntech Sign Agreement for Greenhouse Gas Eradication Project & Use of Biogas for Operations

Agreement moves Missouri project forward using RNG for plant operations; Eureka partnering with National Hemp Growers Co-Op for hemp use in biogas production

(Sheridan, Wyoming) Eureka Energy Corporation announced it has signed a letter of intent with Circular SynTech (CST) earlier this week to supply renewable natural gas and methanol synthesis gas to Circular SynTech at its planned facility in New Madrid, Missouri. The LOI between the two companies summarizes the terms of a proposal being considered by the two companies that will see EEC build a facility near Circular SynTech’s plant in New Madrid, Missouri.

Eureka will construct a bio-gasification facility using proprietary technology for processing a variety of biomass, including municipal solid waste, animal waste, and agricultural crop material, for renewable natural gas. Eureka will supply Circular SynTech’s plant with this Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). In addition, Eureka’s excess RNG will be sold on contract as a commodity and for the company’s fuel refining and electrical power generation operations, and for collaboration with Circular SynTech to produce methanol.

Clearly, the most innovative part of the companies’ agreement is the announcement that Eureka plans to work with CST on a carbon management plan that will utilize all carbon dioxide generated at both facilities, to produce methanol.

“The agreement we have with CST is a tremendous step forward in a common-sense approach to carbon management. As a good corporate citizen, we recognize the need to reduce our carbon footprint and to address concerns with how projects like this will not negatively affect the environment. This project will do this upfront and in a sensible manner going forward. Eureka will use landfill waste, agriculture and livestock material, and virtually any available organic material into RNG. Our strategy looks beyond single-source feedstock design and considers a multi-faceted feedstock model that recognizes the viability of emerging blending biomass from available sources, including industrial hemp”, said Roger Ford, President of Eureka Energy Corporation.

Circular SynTech’s business strategy is to produce renewable, carbon-negative chemicals from common waste streams. With that, the company’s use of RNG for plant operations will enhance this corporate strategy and Eureka is a key component of making that a success.

“Our focus on conversion of waste, whether that be municipal waste or railroad ties or other common waste streams, which results in renewable, carbon-negative chemicals is only enhanced using renewable natural gas for our plant operations and through the capture of our carbon dioxide. Our agreement with Eureka Energy will help both companies realize their corporate vision that results in innovation for job creation and a carbon-neutral footprint,” said Michael Harrelson, Chief Operations Officers for Circular SynTech.

In tandem with the signed agreement with Circular SynTech, Eureka also announced it will be partnering with the National Hemp Growers Cooperative (NHGC), based in Jackson, Mississippi, to source hemp from its member farmers within the states of Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee. Hemp will be a key material to be blended with other biomass and organic material to produce RNG at the New Madrid bioenergy plant.

“We are absolutely delighted about the project in New Madrid, and Eureka’s decision to use hemp as a key part of its supply chain for biomass feedstock. This will help our members, help rural economies in the Southern and Midwestern states where hemp will be purchased by Eureka, and it will demonstrate in a big way the viability of hemp as an energy feedstock “, said Nick Walters, Managing Partner of the NHGC.

Eureka is moving forward with preliminary planning on design and engineering for the plant, including a recent site visit and meeting with local economic development leaders and city officials.