We enjoy the monthly conversations with the cannabis legal team from the Bradley Law Firm to give us legal updates we need to be aware of that impact the hemp industry.  Coming to us live from the MJBiz conference in Las Vegas, we had one half of the dynamic duo – Hunter Robinson – on the Industrial Hemp Growers’ Digest’s Webinar Wednesday and we talked more about ESG.  ESG is Environmental, Social and Governance and we all agree that industrial hemp can play a role in corporate responsibility.  While we obviously think about hemp’s role in the environment, Hunter makes a good point that the social benefit of the co-op and growing hemp can be an excellent way of allowing marginalized, minority landowners/growers to participate in this industry.  No matter how many acres are under production, the co-op allows anyone and everyone to play a role and to stay in sync with our primary goal:  build wealth for our members.