Have you ever had a TV show or a podcast you enjoyed and wanted all your best buds and family to watch/listen?  Maybe you kept telling them how great the show is, and then finally they tune in and they get it why you liked it so much.

When the Congressional Research Service (known as CRS) released its report on Tuesday, it felt like my sister finally started watching Seinfeld.

CRS is the non-partisan “Consumer Reports” of the US Congress and serves to give the staff of our Representatives and Senators simple facts sheets on every subject you can imagine.  Ever since the all-famous 2018 Farm Bill, hemp advocates have been trying to get CRS to do a report so staff members could get some non-partisan, unbiased information about the hemp industry.  It’s particularly important when a Senator or Representative does not represent a rural area or isn’t on the Ag Committee to get quick facts quickly, and now help has arrived.

The report is public information, and you can have your very own copy here.

We are delighted to see that CRS recognized one of the consumer products recognized for seed/grain is animal feed.  That’s a nice bump for our friends at the Hemp Feed Coalition (NHGC is a member) that some folks in our national government can see animal feed as another use of hemp.