Let’s state the understatement: the US hemp industry is still immature. But we are a long way off before it has matured – as in past tense. When we see companies consolidating and customers no longer demanding products then we’ll know all is about to settle down for a while.

We are a long way from that occurring. Actually, we are just getting started.

One of the clues that the industry is headed in the right direction for maturity is what the good folks at Santa Fe Farms is doing with their Hemp Ecosystem. Santa Fe’s Chief Guru of Vision and World Domination Adrian Zelski was our guest for yesterday’s Webinar Wednesday (we made up that title by the way).

Santa Fe is bringing together genetics, farming techniques, product licensing, and marketing. They are looking at the whole plant – fiber, grain and oil. When we read about all the uses of hemp, Santa Fe Farms is contemplating the proverbial whole nine yards. They are thinking through how does a grower go from seed to shelf?

Full disclosure, we are enjoying our on-going dialogue with Santa Fe about how the co-op can partner them along their journey.

What does maturity mean in an industry? One trend is seeing consolidations and mergers take place. Turning an eye back to Santa Fe, we can see that has already taken place when Santa Fe bought out High Grade Hemp seeds which helps their Hemp Ecosystem move forward.

Our friends in the hemp industry would be served well by watching where Santa Fe goes and how others may follow.