Dr. J. David Cornett

Dr. J. David Cornett is the co-op’s agronomist. He will be assisting our grower-members in a variety of ways; among these will be education and support for new hemp producers, defining the best genetics to plant in different geographical areas, and matching genetics to the specific type of harvest desired. David will also work with the co-op‘s end user customers to ensure the right varieties of hemp are grown to match the needs of our value-added processes, develop collaborations, and oversee research to explore new opportunities for the co-op.

David holds a PhD in Plant Physiology from Colorado State University, an MS in Biology from the University of New Mexico, and a BS in Agronomy from Colorado State University. Additionally, he spent time as a graduate student in Agronomy at Iowa State University. He also has a strong background in plant nutrition and soil chemistry.

His research has ranged from plant experiments aboard the Space Shuttle, to the biochemistry of seed germination, plant cell tissue culture and enzyme kinetics and, most recently, evaluating the agronomic performance of hemp varieties in climatic zones other than those for which they have been developed.

David is a life-long westerner, having lived most of his life in Colorado and New Mexico. He currently lives in Littleton, Colorado.

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